Top Five Reasons Most Diets Fail

If weight loss was as simple as cutting back on high-calorie foods, more dieters would find success at keeping weight off. Most plans take an approach to dieting that fails to address issues vital to losing weight permanently.

The average person who goes on a diet loses weight in the short term, only to regain weight later -- with additional pounds. This harsh truth sets up a cycle that sees most adults going on various diets throughout their lives without achieving long-term weight loss. Here at Atlanta Endocrine Associates, we have a different approach. Dr. Isaacs understands that healthy weight maintenance is about more than just cutting calories.

Reason 1: Many diets lack scientific support

The typical weight loss program relies solely on the simplified equation that eating fewer calories equals weight loss. While cutting calories is necessary to shed pounds, there are many other factors that play a role in losing weight and keeping it off. As a board-certified endocrinologist, Dr. Isaacs recognizes that permanent weight loss requires more than just willpower. His science-based approach involves evaluating your individual physiology, balancing hormones that are crucial to losing weight, and teaching you healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Reason 2: Lots of diets expect you to go it alone

Losing weight without support is like climbing a mountain without equipment. And yet, most diets tell you what to do, without providing the support to do it. Permanent weight loss requires the tools and professional assistance to reach and maintain your weight loss goals. Dieters lose significantly more weight when they have support than when they go it alone. The HMR weight loss program offers weekly group sessions where you’ll receive expert, caring support every step of the way. AEA coaches provide structure, accountability, and advice for building healthier habits while navigating everyday life. You’ll have someone there to lean on when you need help planning meals or sticking to an exercise plan.

Reason 3: Most diet programs provide no medical supervision

The typical diet program offers no medical supervision. Having a medical professional that specializes in weight loss oversee your health while you’re losing weight is an invaluable component of a successful weight loss program. The following are reasons why it’s vital to have medical supervision. Managing coexisting conditions. Many adults who are overweight or obese have high blood pressure, insulin resistance, or other coexisting conditions. Dr. Isaacs monitors your conditions to make sure you stay healthy while losing weight, and he can adjust your medication, if needed. Symptom management. Managing symptoms to keep you on track is an important aspect of weight loss. Whether you’re experiencing fatigue, cravings, headaches, or irritability, Dr. Isaacs can create a strategy to deal with these symptoms, so they don’t sabotage your weight loss efforts. Metabolic evaluation. Dr. Isaacs can identify underlying metabolic issues that get in the way of your weight loss. Hormonal imbalances -- from low levels of hormones that tell the brain you’re full to elevated levels of hormones that promote fat storage -- can impede even the best weight loss efforts. Identifying and treating these issues can help you reach your weight loss goals.

Reason 4: Most diet plans are temporary

The average diet program focuses on getting weight off yet lacks strategies for sustaining weight loss after the diet is over. Dr. Isaacs knows that you can’t diet forever. Adopting healthier habits is the only way to lose weight permanently. The AEA program helps you develop habits and skills along the way that help you maintain your weight loss long after the diet is over and includes a maintenance component that sets you up for long-term success.

Reason 5: Medication isn’t available on most diets

The lack of medication options is another reason most diets fall short. Dr. Isaacs recognizes that despite your best efforts, sometimes diet and exercise isn’t enough. He offers the option of FDA-approved medications to enhance weight loss and help you reach a healthy weight. The type of medication he prescribes depends on your unique circumstances. Some medications control appetite, making it easier to stick to a reduced-calorie diet, while others block your body from absorbing certain dietary components like fat. Weight loss medication can be a valuable tool for people who have trouble losing weight through diet and exercise alone. There’s no time like the present to tackle your weight issues for good. Call our office today or book online to schedule a consultation with Dr. Isaacs.