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Proven Treatment Outcomes for Your Medically Complex Patients

The health consequences associated with obesity are at the core of what’s driving healthcare costs and utilization. An effective obesity treatment program for your medically complex patients will help you lower healthcare costs, improve outcomes, and reduce utilization.

The Preferred Provider for Your Medically Complex Patients

Preventive health services and chronic disease management through weight loss and lifestyle education are the cornerstone of our expertise. Whether you’re part of a hospital or group practice, we can help you bring our highly structured lifestyle and weight-loss program, with well-defined and measurable variables, to your patients. Plus, our extensive suite of support services will give you the successful medical outcomes you need and the results your medically complex patients want.

Physicians often report advising their patients to lose weight and make lifestyle changes, but rarely see compliance. It’s no wonder.   Large portions of high fat, high calorie foods are the norm today, and daily living requires very little energy expenditure. It’s difficult for patients to work against these trends and manage a healthy weight. As a result, there’s a corresponding epidemic of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, and other lifestyle-related conditions.

The weight loss programs at Atlanta Endocrine Associates specialize in medical treatments for your overweight and obese patients.We offer options that are affordable and effective, with an emphasis on learning healthy lifestyle skills.

Physicians who refer to the program could see patients achieve significant weight loss and dramatic health improvements, often reducing or coming off medications for chronic conditions.

Average weight loss*
In-clinic 62 lbs.

*HMR data from selected programs published or presented at medical conferences and collected from consumer surveys.

We welcome the referral of any of your overweight patients. Please call (404) 531-3933 or email Dr. Isaacs at for more information or to arrange a brief presentation.

Founded in 1983, HMR has helped to establish high-quality medical and behavioral intervention programs in more than 400 hospitals, medical schools, and multi specialty group practices nationwide. HMR is the leading provider of weight-loss and weight-management products and services to the medical community. HMR weight-loss programs have been recommended by thousands of healthcare professionals in prestigious clinics, major medical centers, and hospitals. All programs are scientifically based and promote fast, maximum weight loss and better health. Patients in our clinic programs lose an average of 35–60 pounds. Many people lose over 100 pounds.

HMR (Health Management Resources®) has published the best weight-loss and maintenance data of any ongoing treatment program in the country. The HMR Program is based on the most current scientific research in the medical, nutritional, and behavioral literature along with over 25 years of data from HMR weight-loss programs. HMR works with a number of well-known and well-respected university researchers in the field of weight management. Through this research-based approach, HMR patients are able to participate in the most successful treatment available.