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HMR Programs

HMR has been helping patients achieve long-term healthy weight loss for over 25 years. HMR's clinically proven weight loss programs are a sensible, healthy way to lose weight. No gimmicks or fads. Created by physicians and other healthcare professionals, and backed by extensive scientific data, HMR Programs are widely recognized for their successful outcomes. Each program offers a highly structured, easy-to-follow diet that emphasizes healthy eating habits and fast, long-lasting weight loss. They're ideal for anyone wanting to lose weight and become healthier, including those with diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and other medical conditions.

Phase 1: HMR Decision Free® Program
HMR’s premier program for people with 40 pounds or more to lose. Lots of structure and support. No decisions. Rapid weight loss. Medical supervision is provided.

Phase 1: HMR Healthy Solutions® Program
Ideal for anyone who wants to achieve significant weight loss while incorporating fruits and vegetables. Structured while providing lots of variety.

Phase 2: Ongoing Weight Loss and Maintenance
We offer a comprehensive maintenance and weight management program dedicated to help you develop the skills to keep off the weight you've lost. Our major goal is not simply to help you lose the weight, but to keep it off long term.

Phase 3: Long Term Weight Maintenance