Success Stories

Beth lost 110 lbs.

I made the rounds for my annual checkups. Each visit began about the same "Hi! How are you? Have you considered gastric-by-pass?" Each doctor waxed on about the many benefits, blah, blah, blah! I wasn't hearing any of it. My cardiologist tried the scared straight method. He told me he did not know too many 60-year-old women my size. That registered but did not cause me to consider my alternatives. Finally, after a few visits and some blood work, I had moved from "Borderline Diabetic" to "could be Diabetic". My Doctor suggested I go to see Dr. Isaacs. " And by the way, they have a great weight loss program you might want to consider", my doctor had added in, just as a suggestion. So, in I came for an orientation for this great weight loss program, bringing my, "it can't hurt" attitude. Before I knew it, and certainly not by any design of my own, I signed on, still saying "it can't hurt". I made this decision with feelings of resignation and with a bit of a point to prove. Gastric-by-pass, I'll show you!! That was the end of May 2005, and now it is January 2006, and I have lost 97 pounds (that's 3 pounds from 100 pounds, in case you could not do the math!) And show them, I sure did! But more importantly, I showed me. I have followed the program, stayed "in the box", which means I don't cheat. Let me clarify, I do not cheat myself, I do not sabotage myself, and I do not let myself give up or give in. It has taken every ounce (or pound) of my will power, it has taken the tremendous support of my family and friends, and it has taken an awesome group of people at Atlanta Endocrine Associates and my classmates, to make it to this point. And I am not there yet, I have a much smaller way to go but I am confident I will get there. There is no other choice, because I went from " it can't hurt", to - "it will hurt if I can't ". Lastly, I want to tell you what a difference it has made in my life. I am a 42-year-old mother of three children and have been married for almost 18 years. I have three part time jobs and lots of part-time volunteer jobs. My life is very full but now, I can actually keep up with it. I am always going and I can move like the wind. I feel light as a feather and everything feels better. By the way, I have gone done 12+ sizes, and I actually have jeans that fit me and look good. It is amazing! As for my health, I hope to leave Diabetes behind and I draw closer to that goal. There are so many wonderful benefits to this program that I can only say that seeing me will make you believe that it is possible. And hopefully give you the push to join me and all of my classmates toward a slimmer, healthier life.

Judy lost 90 lbs.

I made the best decision for my health in 2005 when I attended the orientation class at Atlanta Endocrine Associates . I started Healthy Solutions May 18, 2005. I lost 90 pounds by the next May and am still in the Maintenance program where I have continued to learn how to keep the weight from coming back on. When I began my blood pressure was elevated and I weighed 242½ pounds, the most I had ever weighed in 54 years! At the beginning I went on blood pressure medicine but because of my weight loss and exercise regimen, my Primary Care doctor took me off the medicine completely. She said I was a walking testimony that eating right and exercise can make a big difference in your blood pressure. Dr. Isaacs, the health educators and the staff at AEA have been so supportive, informative and encouraging in the process. I am changing my lifestyle in the way I eat and by incorporating physical activity in my daily routine. I like the disciplined approach in Healthy Solutions. Keeping a food journal and keeping up with calories earned in physical activity will be a part of my life from now on. The accountability of the program, the support of family, fellow classmates and staff make the journey worthwhile. It's exciting to know that I am doing the best thing I can do for my health and well being every day.

Barry lost 78 lbs.

Since beginning the HMR program 24 weeks ago I have lost 75 pounds. During this time my need for insulin (I'm have type 2 diabetes) has decreased from approximately 60 plus units daily to 24 units a day. My most recent HbA1c was 5.3. I'm told this equates to an average blood sugar of approximately 114 over the past 3 months. My overall goals are to lose 80 pounds and to get off insulin. As I near these goals I believe that they are both attainable thanks to the folks at Atlanta Endocrine Associates and HMR. With the positive well-informed support I receive from my health educator, Jennifer Watson, and with the careful medical supervision of Dr. Scott Isaacs, I know that when I begin the maintenance phase of the program I will continue to be successful. Other benefits of the program include the support of others in my group, an increased energy level, decrease in knee joint pain due to arthritis and better self-esteem. Thanks! P.S. I tried to lose weight many times before but continually ran into blood sugar lows (hypoglycemia). After the first week of the program the "lows" were a thing of the past and I was able to really begin to lose weight P.P.S. Statistical Improvement: 1) Neck size reduced from 19 to 16, 2) chest size went from 52 to 44, 3) waist size went from 48 to 37.

Ginny lost 37 lbs. Like many others, I have tried numerous diets over the years and have lost weight. Like many others I have gained it back. I have been successful losing weight on Healthy Solutions. In this case, both my husband (who has been on VLCD) and I have dieted together and I truly believe that not only have wee been successful at losing weight, I feel confident the weight will stay off! I believe that we have been successful for the following reasons: As suspicious as I was of the mantra, "More is Better" it has turned out to be true. Further it assures that you are never hungry as you are on many diets therefore, that mental feeling of feeling food deprived is eliminated. The Health Educators teach, reinforce information and share research to support our weight loss. The emphasis on the importance of the Triple Imperative keeps participants keeping records daily, exercising regularly, and staying in the box. The foods are palatable and creative recipes to add even more variety to the flavor are encouraged. Those recipe ideas are regularly shared. The support one gets from the weekly meeting is invaluable. Participants encourage one another, root for one another, and are genuinely pleased with the successes of others as well as their own. The Health Educators actually call if they feel that you were "down" or discouraged to help you get over the long haul in order to keep the weight off. If husband and wife diet together, meals are much easier. Physical Activity becomes a regular part of their lifestyle. They can support each other over the course of the diet program and help each other maintain once goal weight has been reached. So many of our acquaintances have asked us about our weight loss and how we did it. I am always glad to share the tenets of HMR because they have been effective for my husband and me and also because I believe I'm doing this for the last time. This time the weight is off for good!

Patty lost 106 lbs.

People who have known me for 13 years have come up to me and asked me about this program because they've seen me struggle for 13 years. And I've told them it is the most incredible program I have ever seen. I mean it's. . .medically supervised, but it's more than that. It's the whole group. The doctor -- knowing your taken care of, the food is very easy, right in front of you. It's been just great for me. And they teach you so much about food and nutrition and exercise, and they really make that a key point.

Roy lost 65 lbs.

I started this program back in August . I was sent here by my Heart Specialist Dr. Niazi from Emory Clinic. I was 244 lbs. and was probably on the verge of a heart attack. My diabetes was out of control and I was taking massive doses of insulin every day and the numbers kept increasing. My A1C test was in the 8+ range and I have already lost sight in my left eye from my diabetes being out of control for too long. I also had a problem walking when I started. I could barely walk my 10 year old daughter to the bus stop half a block from my house. When you are overweight it is really difficult. I started out slowly with 10-15 minutes a day. I built it up to 60 minutes of speed walking that I do almost every day. I have lost 67 lbs and my goal is 80 lbs so I have a little more to go. I am taking significantly less insulin and my latest A1C was 6.0 (goal of under 7.0), my Triglyceride level was at 111 (goal of less than 150) it used to be in the 200+ range and my Cholesterol level is below 100 (a goal 0f 200). I have also been taken off some of my blood pressure pills and had my dosages significantly reduced. The key thing is I feel great about myself and I have thrown out my old clothing size XX Large. I now get into medium slacks and shorts. I plan to go swimming this summer and I can find a bathing suit that fits. I can now go to the amusement park with my daughters and enjoy going on the rides. One more important subject is Phase 2. Unlike the commercialized programs, this program teaches you to eat right and keep the weight off. Some of the other quick weight loss programs do not discuss with you what needs to be done to keep the pounds off after the program is completed. Well I am feeling 1000% better and I have a new lease on life. I feel good about myself and I thank everyone at Atlanta Endocrine Associates for their support. You have put together a great program and provide the necessary support to get the job done. Don’t think about it, do it…it will help you have a healthier life!! Thank you for your invaluable support,.

Marlene lost 90 lbs.I’ve participated in the Weight Loss Program at Atlanta Endocrine Associates since January 3rd. My goal when I came to Atlanta Endocrine Associates was to lose 100 pounds and be able to control my diabetes with diet and exercise rather than with the 2 diabetes medications I was taking. I wanted to improve my health and be a slender person for the first time in my adult life. I had lost and gained back hundreds of pounds over the years. I realized that in order to reach my goals I needed to make a lifestyle change rather than just going on a diet. I came to an orientation class at Atlanta Endocrine Associates and found that the program offered the tools that I needed. In the beginning I was medically supervised due to my diabetes and medication and selected the Decision Free diet. I really liked the taste of the shakes, cereal and entrees. I attended the weekly classes looking forward to learning what I needed to do to change my eating habits. Through encouragement and weekly accountability I also learned that exercise was vital along with the diet. After 4 months I was able to come off all of my diabetes medications and manage my diabetes with diet and exercise. After losing 66 pounds in 9 months, I transitioned into Healthy Solutions, adding fruits and vegetables to the entrees. I learned eating more is better as long as I ate the right foods. And I learned what the right foods were. As of April 20th I’ve lost 88 pounds and have been off my diabetes medications for over a year. I’m not yet at my weight loss goal, but will be soon! The keys for me have been: planning what I’m going to eat (choosing healthy, low calorie, filling foods) keeping records (to make sure each day I eat the right foods, drink lots of water and exercise) exercise consistently (every day) setting goals to strive for I appreciate the support of the people at Atlanta Endocrine Associates. They have taught me, encouraged me, and helped me be successful in my new habits: eating right and exercising routinely. These new habits have changed my life. I feel I have the confidence to maintain this new lifestyle I’ve proven to myself I can do this!

Linda lost 29 lbs.

After years of struggling with other weight-loss diets, I finally discovered AEA through a work colleague. My weight loss goal is 35 pounds and after 9 months on the program I am within 5 pounds of attaining it. While other diets failed me in the past, The program worked for me because it was very easy to follow, delicious, and it offered the support and coaching of a nutritionist on a weekly basis. What I like most about the weight loss program is how it helped me gain control over my weight and long term health. Because exercise is a vital part of the program, I am now physically in shape for the first time in a long time and it has given me a sense of well-being that I can only describe as “optimal.” The program has helped me build eating and exercise habits that will last me a lifetime.

Melissa lost 96 lbs.

Over the years, I've started many weight loss programs and been moderately successful every time. But, my mindset was never right. I always thought that once I lost the weight I could go back to my "normal" way of eating. I didn't consciously understand that my idea of normal really wasn't normal. Consequently, the weight came back. As a result of the HMR classes, I've come to clarify my definition of normal eating -- a meal plan that includes tons of fruits & vegetables and allows me to sustain my weight loss. Coming to Dr. Isaac's office was the best decision I had made for myself in a long time. I was ready to make a change and surrender to the experts. With this positive outlook, losing weight on this program was actually quite easy. Not to say it wasn't challenging! But, committing to the entire program (attending class, keeping records, exercising, adhering to the eating plan, regular exercise) meant that I knew everyday I was getting more and more healthy and losing weight. Every member of Dr. Isaac's staff is supportive and encouraging and that has made all the difference. They care about the success of each individual patient and work with you to meet your goals. I lost 80+ pounds during the weight loss phase and am continuing toward my goal in maintenance. I know that maintenance will be the most challenging part of my journey. That's why I'm so pleased that with the HMR program at Dr. Isaac's office I found the right program, at the right time and with the right people. I'm well on my way to my goal!