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Dr. Isaacs has been featured on national television and radio programs, as well as magazines, newspapers and websites. He is a medical expert for ABC. A board-certified endocrinologist, Dr. Isaacs has published scientific articles in several peer-reviewed medical journals. His expertise and unique hormone-focused approaches to weight loss make him a valuable source of cutting-edge information and insight. He has also treated thousands of patients successfully and helped them lose weight at his practice in Atlanta, Georgia.
June 2017
Insulin Sticker Shock? Here's Why.
by Kathleen Doheny

Diabetes in Control
June 2017
Weight Loss in Type 1 vs Type 2 Diabetes
March 2017
ADA Promotes Advances in Diabetic Retinopathy
by Adam Marcus
February 2017
Reluctance to Prescribe Antiobesity Medications Confirmed
by Gina Shaw
February 2017
Avoid Weight-Promoting Medications in Patients With Obesity
by Christine Rhodes MS
January 2017
Thiazides, a Viable Treatment for Primary Hyperparathyroidism?
by Laurie Saloman

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
September 2016
How to burn an extra 100 calories while hiking in Atlanta
by Sarah Turner

September 2016
The Ups and Downs of Weight Loss
by Cindy Kuzma

September 2016
Flat Abs at Any Age
by Leslie Rotchford

Health Magazine
July 2016
6 Secrets to a Faster Metabolism
by Courtney Rubin

Woman's World
March 2016
Help! I can't stop eating junk food!
by Kristina Mastrocola

December 2015
10 Things Everyone Carrying A Lot Of Extra Weight Knows
by Barbara Brody

The Standard Daily
August 2015
Patients with type 2 diabetes can lose weight with the help of a drug
by Sean Waters

Latinos Health
August 2015
Diabetes medication may help patients lose weight

Today's Dietitian
July 2015
Appetite Hormones
by Marsha McCulloch, MS, RD, LD

Woman's Day
May 2015
Bottom Line Health Advice: Experts Help You Sort Through Confusing Messages So You Can Stay Well For Life.
by Barbara Brody

March 2015
How to Help Your Diabetes Medications Work Better
by Susan Bernstein

The Atlantic Monthly
February 2015
Sleepy, Stressed, or Sick? Why thyroid diseases are so common—and still so mysterious
by Olga Khazan

February 2015
Diabetes and Mood Swings
Diabetes and Mood Swings (Spanish Version)
Diabetes and Mood Swings (Doctor's Office Version)
October 2014
12 Things Your Diabetes Doctor Wants You to Know
by Cindy Kuzma

September 2014
--Kids and Type 1 Diabetes
--Diabetes Staying the Course
--Lowering Diabetes Risks
--Diabetes Monitoring
--Gestational Diabetes

Men's Health
August 2014
7 New Tricks to Banish Your Late-Night Cravings for Good
by Jessica Migala

AARP Magazine
July 2014
7 Ways to Lose Those Last 5 Pounds
by Jessica Girdwain

June 2014
Slim for Life
by Nicole Yorio Jurick

June 2014
Best Type 2 Diabetes Strategies for Women
by Barbara Brody

Weight Watchers Magazine
June 2014
C'mon and face the CH-CH-CH-CHANGES
by Hallie Levine Sklar

Women's World
May 2014
Detox Your Thyroid!
by Michelle Abrams

Sky Magazine
January 2014
Younger (and Slimmer) You
by Karen Asp

Publix Family Style Magazine
December 2013
Outwit Your Appetite

ABC News, Fox News and Heath Magazine
December 2013
9 Foods That Boost Metabolism Naturally

September 2013
Exercise and Diabetes
by Holly Firfer

September 2013
Hormones Gone Haywire?
by Paige Greenfield
August 13, 2013
Gaining Weight and Feeling Sluggish? It Could Be Low T
by Vanessa Caceres

Woman's World
August 5, 2013
The Hormone Cure for Belly Fat

July 2013
What is Type 1 Diabetes
by Elizabeth Cordian

July 2013
Weight Loss Clinics: Do They Work?
by Hallie Levine Sklar

June 2013
Home Slim Home
by Jessica Girdwain

The Huffington Post
April 2013
Intermittent Fasting: Does it Work?
by Meredith Melnick

Fit Living Radio
April 2013
with Erin Akey
part 1
part 2

Women's Health Magazine
February 2013
Is Calcium Dangerous?
by Jenna Birch

Shape Magazine
February 2013
6 Ways Your Diet is Messing with Your Metabolism

Women's World
February 3, 2013
100 Pounds Slimmer

Women's Health
December 2012
The Secret Battle of the Bulge
by Melinda Wenner Moyer
November 2012
Top Causes of Hypothyroidism
by Wyatt Myers

Best Self Magazine
December 2012
Best of 2012

Health Magazine
November 2012
Peel off Pudge with Pepper

Women's Health Magazine
November 2012
How to Spot (and Prevent) Thyroid Cancer
by Jenna Birch

November 2012
Does Working Out Affect Testosterone Levels?
by Eric Metcalf

November 2012
Get a Flatter Belly at Any Age
by Karen Asp

November 2012
4 Lazy Ways to a Faster Metabolism
by Jessica Girdwain

November 2012
22 Ways to Improve Your Life in 2 Minutes or Less
by Jessica Smith

Atlanta Business Chronicle
October 26, 2012
Male Obesity Rate Catching Up to Women's
by Kimberly Smith

The Examiner
October 18, 2012
Hormone Friendly Diet is Good for Diabetics
by Douglas Atkins

USA Today
October 4, 2012
Travelers Discover Healthier Ways of Eating on the Road
by Nancy Trejos

Men's Health
October 2012
Recharge Here
by Cindy Kzuma

First for Women
October 1, 2012
Qsymia: Miracle or Miss
by Melissa Gotthardt

Yahoo! OMG! Philippines
September 7, 2012
Five Ways to Ramp Up Your Metabolism
September 4, 2012
How to Increase Metabolism

also in New York Daily News and The Boston Globe

Refinery 29
August 10, 2012
Eat, Sleep & Chill Your Way to a Better Body
by Nicole Cantanese

August 2012
Winning! Go for the Gold with These Fit Finds
by Karina Timmil

Quick and Simple
July 2012
Outsmart Your Fat Hormones!
by The Quick and Simple Staff

Fox News
June 23, 2012
"How to avoid—and even reverse—diabetes."
by Gina Shaw

June 2012
Best in Health Radio
Hormonal Balance with Dr. Scott Isaacs

Health Magazine & Fox News
June 2012
"A Faster Metabolism at Any Age"
by Julia Savacool

SheKnows Parenting
June 2012
Type 2 diabetes in teens: Out of control?
by Sherri Kuhn

Spry Magazine
June 2012
"Outsmart Your Hunger Hormones"
(Excerpts from Hormonal Balance, third edition)

Shape Magazine
April 2012
Could Your Hormones Be Halting Your Weight Loss?
by Jené Luciani

Delta Sky Magazine
April 2012
"New Health Rules"
by Karen Springen

Fitness Magazine
March 2012
"Outsmart Your Hormones"
by Jan Sheehan

March 2012
"Harness hormones to lose weight."
by Rob Kemp

MSN Health and Men's Health
February 2012
"What’s the Best Diet for Diabetes?"
by Jessica Girdwain

Health Magazine
November 2011
"You Can Beat the Big D"
by Gina Shaw

First for Women
October 10, 2011
"Body weight set-point discovery" (MSN health website)
August 2011
"Are Hormones Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?"
By Hollis Templeton

Points North
August 2011
“Weight Loss Options: From Fitness and Nutrition to Medically Assisted Programs, Local Experts Offer Advice for Dropping Pounds.”  
by Bre Humphries

May 2011
Hard to Swallow: Popular new diet pills are potentially deadly and alarmingly easy to buy online.
by Hallie Levine Sklar

Vim & Vigor Magazine
Spring 2011
Balancing Act: How to Navigate the Highs and Lows of Female Hormones
by Allison Thomas (Lance Armstrong Foundation)

Ladies' Home Journal
August 2010
How to Take Control of Your Cravings
by Leslie Goldman

All You Magazine
April 23, 2010
Eat to Beat Diabetes
by Hallie Levine Skylar

CNN Accent Health
March 2010
Diabetes Myths
by Robin Meade

Master Your Metabolism: The 3 Diet Secrets to Naturally Balancing
Your Hormones for a Hot and Healthy Body!

Jillian Michaels
2009 Crown Publishers:  New York, NY

Points North
March 2009
“Diabetes Update:  How Advancements in Diabetes Care Are Changing
the Face of the Disease.”  
by Amy Meadows.

Georgia Magazine
January 2009
Achieving a Balanced Life
by Ellen Elkund

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
November 19, 2008
Diabetes: Diagnosis spurred Canton woman to healthier habits, life.
Cover Story:  Better Health
by Vikki Conwell

this story also featured in:
Fort Myers Florida Weekly
Diabetes Cure
Rocky Mountain Telegram

CNN Health
Celebrity diet tricks that work
by Hallie Levine
December 9, 2008

Woman's World
September 22, 2008 (Cover Story)
Are Your Broken Hunger Hormones Making You Fat?

When Your Hormones Really Are to Blame
by Martica Heaner
April 2008

Gwinnette Daily Post
February 2, 2008
Healthy Helping: Restaurateur makes woman's meals more diabetes-
By Melissa Wilson

Shape Magazine
January 2008
Why You Eat More in Winter
By Sharon Liao

Good Housekeeping's Quick & Simple
November 6, 2007
Outsmart Your Fat Hormones

National Enquirer
October 1, 2007
Top Docs Comment on Oprah's Thyroid Condition
By Alexander Hitchen

Parents Magazine
June 2007 Pages 78-86
“Surviving Hormone Hell”

Do Diet Pills Really Work?
July 2007
By Hallie Levine Sklar

Family Circle
May 2007
Make Over Your Metabolism

Minnesota Health Care News
April 2007
Balancing Hormones for Good Health
By Scott Isaacs MD

Men’s Health
“Defeat Your Diet (How to calm your cravings and crankiness while
adjusting to a new way of eating)“
October 2004
By Allison Winn Scotch

New Living Magazine
“8 Secrets for Staying Slim this Winter”
January 2007
by Scott Isaacs, MD

The Edge
"Staying Slim and Sleek Throughout The Holidays"
December 23, 2006
By Dottie DeHart

The Edge
"Hormonal Harmony to Feel Better"
December 16, 2006
By Dottie DeHart
"Stay Slim & Sleek this Winter with a few easy Tips from Endocrinologist
December 2006

Atlanta Journal Constitution
“DIABETES:  It's on the rise. Here's what you can do to keep yourself
By Faith Dawson
September 20, 2006
Cover Story, Page K1

World Wide Spa Review
March/April 2007
Weight Loss Wisdom: Hormonal Balance
by Marilyn Green

Prevention Magazine
“Dropping the Most Stubborn Pounds.  There are 4 life stages when your
body clings to fat. Here's what you can do to lose it.”
By Hallie Levine
June 2005

Prevention Magazine
“The Best (and Worst) Diet Foods:  Can frozen dinners, liquid meals, and
sugar substitutes really help you shed pounds?”
By Hallie Levine
July 2006

Better Homes and Gardens
“Thyroid Gone Awry.  Tired?  Moody?  Putting on Weight?  You may need
a simple blood test.”
By Christine Fiedler
February 2005

“Five Tips to Avoid Winter Weight Gain”
By John Casey

Fitness Magazine
“Outsmart Your Hormones.  Cramps, cravings and crankiness don’t have
to rule your life.  12 Ways to feel great all month long.”
By Jan Sheehan
July 2003

The Dallas Morning News
“Atlanta’s Diabetes Health May be in Jeopardy.”

Florida International Magazine
“Check Your Balance.  Think your genes are against you when it comes to
your weight?  Italian grandmother or not, a new diet book highlights a
metabolism-revving regimen guaranteed to work.”
By Brooke Eastburn
January 2003

Women’s World Magazine
“Are Your Hormones Making You Fat?”
By Brenda Kearns
April 15, 2003

Women’s World Magazine
“Weight Loss Discoveries”
By Barbary Smalley
October 7, 2003

Atlanta Magazine
“Brownie Points.  The myths, legends and facts behind chocolate’s power
to heal.”
By Mary Jo Dilonardo
February 2003

Expressions (Supplement to Atlanta Jewish Times)
“Keeping the Pounds from Piling Up.”
By Alison Howard
Feature Story
December 2002

Chicago Tribune
“Linking Estrogen and Fat”
By Connie Lauerman
September 17, 2003

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