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Average weight loss for patients after 21 weeks on the HMR diet program. Data collected from three groups of patients treated at the HMR Program, University of Kentucky. HMR's medical research, weight loss, and weight maintenance data have been published in several leading medical and nutritional journals. HMR makes no claim that the results are representative of all patients in the HMR Program.

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Art's Story

Weight Loss Success Stories - Art's Story

Art lost 60 pounds on the Decision Free™ Diet and after attending Phase 2 is staying at his goal weight!

I wish I had a unique story to tell, but I don’t. My weight was not a problem until my early twenties. The first time I went on a diet was because I wanted to look my best for my wedding. The solution was the grapefruit diet; lose 10 pounds in 10 days.

The grapefruit diet was the beginning of my search for the magic formula. It started me down a road of countless failed attempts at weight loss through fad diets, exercise programs and even weight loss medication. Sure I lost weight but I always gained back what I lost and more. I look back now and know I failed every time because I never changed my behavior.

The extra weight contributed to elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels. All the indicators suggested that I was a prime candidate for a heart attack. My doctor wanted me to lose weight and I wanted the same thing but just could not make it happen.

Finally my doctor presented two options: lap band surgery or a medically supervised, low calorie diet. Given those choices, I went with the medically supervised low calorie diet.  After all, if it didn’t work I could always have the surgery. 

I made an appointment with Dr. Isaacs and his team. My first HMR session was just before Thanksgiving 2008. I wasn’t optimistic about success but during the first session I made a decision to do what was suggested. It definitely was one of my better decisions.

The HMR program has three phases: Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3.

Core was a medically supervised, low calorie diet of HMR Shakes. The weight immediately started to come off. It was not long before I added HMR Entrees, HMR Benefit Bars and HMR Cereal to the diet. Even with the extra calories the weight still continued to come off.

Transition was the switch from the medically supervised, low calorie Core diet to Maintenance. During Transition vegetables, fruits and finally lean protein were added to my diet.

I am now in Maintenance and I am learning how to eat a healthy, well balanced diet.

The HMR program was a complete success for me. I shed pounds and inches off my waist. I weigh what I weighed in high school. Also my health is improved. I exercise regularly and feel like I am in better physical shape than I have been in decades.

I did not do this alone. It truly was a team effort. The HMR program was the foundation but Dr. Isaacs and his staff provided the support, education and motivation needed to make it a success.