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Our mission is to provide accurate, effective and compassionate endocrine care. We specialize in expert care of patients with a full range of endocrine conditions, including thyroid disease, obesity, diabetes, prediabetes, insulin resistance, polycystic ovary syndrome, adrenal and pituitary conditions, male hypogonadism, parathyroid disorders and much more.

We use a scientific approach to weight management by examining the underlying hormonal, biochemical and metabolic factors that cause weight gain and difficulty losing weight. Our programs are scientifically based using state of the art treatments to promote fast, maximum weight loss and better health. Patients lose an average of 35–60 pounds. Many people lose over 100 pounds.

Our clinically proven programs are based on extensive scientific research and are widely recognized for their successful outcomes. To date, more than a million people have chosen HMR to lose weight and gain greater health. Atlanta Endocrine Associates takes pride in being one of HMR's top programs and has received many HMR Gold Standard Awards since we started our program in 2001.


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