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Average weight loss for patients after 21 weeks on the HMR diet program. Data collected from three groups of patients treated at the HMR Program, University of Kentucky. HMR's medical research, weight loss, and weight maintenance data have been published in several leading medical and nutritional journals. HMR makes no claim that the results are representative of all patients in the HMR Program.

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Weight Loss Success Stories - Ginny's Story

Weight Loss Success Stories - Ginny's Story

Ginny lost 37 pounds on HMR Healthy Solutions®.

Like many others, I have tried numerous diets over the years and have lost weight. Like many others I have gained it back. I have been successful losing weight on Healthy Solutions. In this case, both my husband (who has been on VLCD) and I have dieted together and I truly believe that not only have wee been successful at losing weight, I feel confident the weight will stay off!

I believe that we have been successful for the following reasons:

  • As suspicious as I was of the mantra, "More is Better" it has turned out to be true. Further it assures that you are never hungry as you are on many diets; therefore, that mental feeling of feeling food deprived is eliminated.
  • The Health Educators teach, reinforce information and share research to support our weight loss.
  • The emphasis on the importance of the Triple Imperative keeps participants keeping records daily, exercising regularly, and staying in the box.
  • The foods are palatable and creative recipes to add even more variety to the flavor are encouraged. Those recipe ideas are regularly shared.
  • The support one gets from the weekly meeting is invaluable. Participants encourage one another, root for one another, and are genuinely pleased with the successes of others as well as their own.
  • The Health Educators actually call if they feel that you were "down" or discouraged to help you get over the long haul in order to keep the weight off.
  • If husband and wife diet together, meals are much easier. Physical Activity becomes a regular part of their lifestyle. They can support each other over the course of the diet program and help each other maintain once goal weight has been reached.

So many of our acquaintances have asked us about our weight loss and how we did it. I am always glad to share the tenets of HMR because they have been effective for my husband and me and also because I believe I'm doing this for the last time. This time the weight is off for good!

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