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Published Results Show 62 lbs.

Average weight loss for patients after 21 weeks on the HMR diet program. Data collected from three groups of patients treated at the HMR Program, University of Kentucky. HMR's medical research, weight loss, and weight maintenance data have been published in several leading medical and nutritional journals. HMR makes no claim that the results are representative of all patients in the HMR Program.

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Weight Loss Success Stories - Linda's Story

Linda lost 29 pounds

Linda lost 29 pounds on HMR® Medically Supervised Program

After years of struggling with other weight-loss diets, I finally discovered HMR through a work colleague.  My weight loss goal is 35 pounds and after 9 months on the program I am within 5 pounds of attaining it.  While other diets failed me in the past, HMR worked for me because it was very easy to follow, delicious, and it offered the support and coaching of a nutritionist on a weekly basis.  What I like most about the HMR weight loss program is how it helped me gain control over my weight and long term health.  Because exercise is a vital part of the HMR program, I am now physically in shape for the first time in a long time and it has given me a sense of well-being that I can only describe as “optimal.”  The HMR program has helped me build eating and exercise habits that will last me a lifetime.