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Losing weight on a budget

If you’re concerned about your weight, losing even a few pounds can make a big difference. It could enhance your sense of well-being, increase your confidence, increase your energy level, and improve your overall quality of life—all outcomes which can help you better handle these uncertain times. Plus, dieting with AEA right now could actually save you money. Many AEA report that their “typical” weekly food expenses decrease while dieting on the program. You will save on medical expenses as well. Most patients reduce or eliminate medications as they lose weight and become healthier.

We have a wide variety of diet options to suit every budget. So whether you want to lose just a few pounds to better protect your health, or lose a significant amount of weight to reduce your health risks and medical expenses, we have an appropriate, healthy way to help you start feeling more in control. Ask us about:
Phase 1 (Decision-free or Healthy Solutions)- It’s now easier, and faster than ever to join
Phase 2 - The ideal environment to practice healthier behaviors, and even lose more weight
Phase 3 - Ongoing support for permanent weight loss and maintenance.

Please call (404) 531-3933 to sign up for a free informational session. As always, if the scheduled times do not fit into your schedule, then we would be happy to schedule a private session during our business hours.